Low Resistance High Power

This small but mighty system gives your bike just what it needs to get up and go up, over and through wherever you go with whatever you got with you.

At 500 watts nominal power it out gits' any 350w or 250w Bosch, Yamaha or other expensive system. Torque is key for any bike power system to perform well. 85 nm. of torque is what cargo bikes need to pull the load and power commuters need to reach 25 mph top speeds.

Kona @ 39 lbs

Mighty does not have to be big or weigh a bunch. A bike like the one here weighs in at about 38 lbs total with all of the system installed.

Yet the same system can easily power the heavy hitters like an xtra cycle cargo bike.

Xtra Cycle w. Gospade 500w for two kids

This is just a very versatile system. Not too much; Just right.

Norco Sight w. 500w Gospade

Mt. climbing is no problem for this system with the right gearing. 25% inclines can be tackled. A 40+lb. emtb is a whole lot easier to hike a bike than those $5k 55 lb. Emtbs.

It's all in there! Just what you need!



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