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Our Shop

Built one at a time

Every pXcycle is built one at a time.  We strive to make each one special and just what you want from the custom paint and graphics to the perfect saddle.


No part we cannot service

All our bikes feature systems that we service in house.  No sending back to the factory.  We are the factory; the smallest one in the industry!  Try getting service from an internet brand.  They don't know what they are selling most of the time.


Custom built from start to finish

Every part is thought through for the perfect match to the whole system.  We test and design for the best possible ride.


Tested in the toughest environments

Our shop has every tool to build the best ebike possible.  Some are even custom made just for the job.  We can even test and repair batteries.   


10 years in the business

We have been doing it longer and have experience with every aspect of ebike building.  


Exclusively Ours

Most ebikes in the US are sold directly from the shipping container.  Most brands don't even open the box before you get it.  They don't design it and they can't build it.  

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