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pXcycle E-xr+

Torque Sensing Mid-Motor + throttle

The E-xr+ is powered by our exclusive drive system utilizing 600 watts rated power.  With a peak of 850 watts it easily climbs any hill even under throttle! Most e-bikes do not have a throttle or more than 250w power.


Coverage night or day rain or shine

Full fenders keep the rain and mud off you.

Lighting makes the road ahead clear at night.


Gears that get you up and over

We utilize 9, 10 and 12 speed positive drive shifting for ease of use and reliable ebike grade chains.  Optional IGH hubs and shift sensors make it even better.

image c.png

Step-Through Integrated Battery

Our exclusive design feature an integrated Lithium Ion Battery giving 30 - 50 miles of 

youth powered riding!  Charge from 1- 4 hours. Long life and light weight. 


Racks to carry it all

These racks will take whatever you can put on them.  Our front rack can handle 20 lbs and the rear can take 65 lbs.   We even have baby seats available to carry your kiddos.


Hydraulic disk brakes

These bikes stop with ease and not much effort.  Hydraulic disk front and rear bring this bike to a stop quickly and safel

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